Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Update: 5.2 miles

You know what's better than running 5.2 miles?  Running those miles when you don't think you can.  Yesterday was a doozy for me.  A real doozy.  I had a headache, I was starving and tired, my little girl pottied on herself, twice, accidentally flung her turkey sandwich across the room messing up the floor I had painstakingly washed on my hands and knees, my son had a "moment" in the library causing me much anxiety, the laundry I had been trying to fold for TWO days was still sitting on my couch...the day was just pretty much rotten.  When 4 o'clock rolled around, thoughts of going to the gym frustrated me, but I went.  Only to find out that my favorite class had been canceled, third week in a row, and the lady had quit!
Fine.  Whatever, I determined to run a little over 3 miles and just get it all over with.  Hopped on the 'mill and started running.  Surprisingly, I felt "ok".  My legs weren't dragging, my stomach kept growling, but I was feeling relatively strong.  I had my bright, neon green shirt on, and it made me happier.  
3.2 came around and for some reason I was feeling my oats, I pushed passed.  I figured 4 would be good enough, but I passed that, too.  Then, the lady who wears cologne, yes cologne, stepped on next to me and I couldn't finish fast enough.  Finally,  I just all out ran and made it to 5.2 and couldn't figure out how I got there or why I felt so good.  

Last week I totaled out at:
(give or take. I might have missed counting a day)

They say working out does wonders for bad moods.  It really does.  I turned into chatty Cathy and poor D just smiled and fell asleep while I was talking.  It's ok.  I loved my 5 mile run.

Silent cheerleaders, where are you all at with your exercise goals?  Do you hit "walls", too?  How do you get passed them?


  1. Oh yeah, all the time! When I exercise in the morning my day is a thousand times better then when i don't! I know it, everyone around me knows it, but getting up sometimes is SOOO HARD! I've started setting my alarm clock early then I need to,so I get the false feeling of getting to snooze longer;)

  2. I'm in a rut right now, actually. Sometimes my schedule overtakes me, but I need that attitude and mood boost of a run. I need to clear my head... thanks for the inspiration!


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