Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running Update: This is proof

The screen shot from my 8 mile run.  I was completely shocked that I ran 8 miles in just a little over an hour.  Oh to do that again.  The first and last time I ran those 8 miles was in November of last year when the weather was still agreeable.  I keep looking at this screen shot thinking about the half-marathon that I want to run.  Is it possible that on my first ever half that I could make it a run to remember?  Tossing around serious thoughts of a two hour half.  TOTALLY possible and a little daunting, because that's really fast.  hah.  That's like 8 minute miles.  Right now, I run 8:30s and to cut my mile down by another 30 seconds would take some work.  Goals, goals, goals...

I am running on the treadmill at a 2.5% grade in order to keep challenging my legs but it's NOTHING like running on the hills out here.  The burn is like no other.  I can round the first corner from our place and feel like I want to stop.  Craziness.  I go into a zone though AND without my iPod something that is near impossible at the gym.  Me and the iPod are inseparable.

Going to yoga/pilates this afternoon.  Dragging the babies along.  It's my cross-training day so I take it easy.  Looking to do a 2 mile run and an hour of yoga.  Yesterday, I ran 5.7 a good start to my 20 mile week, ya think?

Silent cheerleaders what's on the agenda?


  1. A 2 hour half is totally doable! I did my first one is just under 2 - it's about 9 minutes a mile (13 x 9 = 117 minutes or 1 hour, 57 minutes).

  2. Thanks, Kathy! I'm going to really put my best into this. I don't have a half scheduled, yet...but I will. I'm looking forward to my 10k this summer.


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