Thursday, March 17, 2011

Running Update: Staying on track

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I promise.  I'm still running.  Feeling a bit like a failure, though.  Last week my total mileage was 11.5I can't seem to keep up with the 20 mile a week minimum I set for myself.  Between bouts of sickness and recovery it's been a deal.  My husband is going to school, full time, and he's working, so I have a limited amount of time to run without neglecting my family.  Last night was no exception, my husband was trying to study for two exams, which will be taking place today, good luck hunny, and I was desperately needing to make it to the gym.  Uhg.
Fortunately, baby girl hadn't taken a nap so she went down early, and then I took little boy over to the grandparents.  I went running 5.6 miles, stretched, did arms and abs and felt relatively good about my workout.  My legs were a bit tired though.  I reached my aforementioned goal of leg pressing my weight.  Well, I did my weight and then some.  130lbs 25x's. 
Really felt it in my run last night.  Also, remember that cute little medicine ball I mentioned?  I've been using him every time I do my abs.  I love it.  It's not difficult at all and I feel great.

I going to have to buy one of these soon.

The weather is getting nicer and with the added hour of daylight the chances of me getting to run OUTSIDE are greater.  So far it hasn't happened because my husband gets home when the cows are called in for supper.  Leaving me to either A.) run with wild animals or B.) run with other two legged wild animals at the gym.  I tend to pick option B. every time.

Last night I met another mom on the dreadmill.  She said that she's seen me before, but I don't ever remember seeing her.  I'm so focused on my workouts that other people are just background noise to me at the gym.
Anyway, found out she and her family are headed to California for a two week trip.  Man, I just spilled about all the great places she should go.  Then, she invited me to her place this Friday for a get together with some ladies in her church.  Really?  She never met me but felt comfortable enough to invite me over.  Totally awesome.  I might take her up on it.  They are going to be crafting...who can say no to that!

Today was supposed to be Zumba.  Crossing-training Thursday.  Didn't make it.  So, I'm going on a walk with my babies.  It will be three miles, with hills and a stroller not necessarily meant for jogging because I KNOW that I can't walk the whole three without jogging at some point.
Total this week:

I don't know, guys.  Somewhat discouraged.  I hear about other people who put in 30-40miles a week and I'm nowhere near that.  What am I doing??  Wasting my time?  
I'm training for a Marathon.  I'm training for a Marathon.  That's all I have to think about.  I can't give up.  I can't give up.

Silent cheerleaders? 


  1. What are you doing? Building your base. Your marathon is in what, November? Plenty of time during the Summer and Fall to build up the distances.

    And no matter what your miles, you are NOT wasting your time!

  2. THank you Kathy! I just feel so down about how little I'm running. I hoping this weekend to get in a good 8 mile run. It will be outside and such a needed run.


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