Saturday, March 19, 2011

Running Update: Face in the wind

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Today, I made my own day.  I made myself smile.  Running 8 miles will do that to you.  Yes!  It's been four months since I last ran those eight miles and today I did it in an hour and fifteen.  It was very tiring.  

Mile 1: Rounded two corners and seriously had thoughts of going back to the house.  I was tired and it was windy.
Mile 2: Warming up and my leg muscles were feeling good. Passed through the initial mental anguish of What-in-the-world-AMIDOING!?
Mile 4: Started a "new race" and picked up the pace. Passed a group of tweens playing Saturday afternoon football cheers and all and I mentally recruited them to be my own personal cheerleaders.  Smiled for the next full mile until I could no longer hear them.  They never knew what they did for me.
Mile 6: Left leg started burning a little and I started feeling really tired.
Mile 7: Really tired because I just spent the last three miles with my face in the wind trying to run up the never ending hills.
(here is a photo from the top of the hill I had to run

Only when I reached the top, here is what was waiting for me, once again, running into the wind.

Mile 8 The Home stretch: One last never ending hill and then I kicked it into high gear and ran hard the rest of the way.  And my time definitely reflected the wind's horrible influence on my run.  Surrounding me with swirling gusts, pushing against my legs, trying to drag me backwards.  So mean.

Total miles:


Seriously??  When was the last time I did that??  Bet you can't even remember.  Well, you're not alone, because neither can I.  Shameful.
But I am SO happy that I finally broke the twenty mile goal again...

Silent cheerleaders, here's to more of this and that and maybe even a ten miler :))

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