Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heads Up!

It's only fair.  So, I promised a giveaway with a sock monkey (no worries, we're still on for that) but now, I'm bringing to you another giveaway!  

My dear friend, and childhood buddy, Sarah has a new found talent.  Crocheting.  She learned how to crochet from her sweet, sweet granny last summer.   My goodness.  I wish I could catch on to something and come up with the most original and beautiful pieces of art.  
She knows how to make your clothing smile.

Or your hair

She has an obsession with finding items to reuse and recycle.  Some of the most mundane items she has turned into gorgeous center pieces, lamps, decorative pieces, you name it.  And I will be doing a giveaway of her genius cutsies in the next couple of weeks!
I'm really excited about this and you should be too because her stuff is one of a kind.
Give her a visit and "follow" her blog.  Support a good friend and the ideas of truly recycling and reusing.
So, here is the kicker.  I am going to be away for the weekend and won't be able to update  :(  I know.  I WILL be running, though.  But, I won't have a sewing machine with me to start on the monkey for you all.   Next week, it's all systems go.
There will be a sock monkey giveaway and all that good stuff.  Hang on tight, my friends.  

Please, spread the word it only means more for you :))


  1. Misha I love reading your blog!! You are such an inspiration and you always have something fun going on. Love you girl and I think your AWESOME!!


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