Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing: Guess what I gott!

I just couldn't help myself.  They were all on sale and I couldn't settle on just one pair.  I'm going to be making that sock monkey this week and I need you all to tell me which colors you want me to use!

They were the last of the winter lot, hanging on the rack looking quite lonely.

*snag* Right into my waiting shopping cart.

To be honest...this last pair is my fav.  I would love to make a sporty little Sockster with these guys.

So which one??  Do tell :)  And do share with all your friends!


  1. My vote, in this order:
    1. Sock #3
    2. Sock #1
    3. Sock #2

    By the way, great job on that first monkey!

  2. I think so, too! And thank you, that first monkey was so much fun. I ended up making another one and giving it to a Sunday school student of mine.

  3. Hmm... I have to say I like the blue argyle sock with stripes best. But then again, I usually ignore all girly patterns. So.... if I had a girl, I would probably like the leopard best.


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