Saturday, March 5, 2011

Running Update: Unsatisfied

Wow.  I did it spite of feeling disappointed I made it to a week total of:

20 miles

It's not that I'm not happy I made it, I just feel like I could have done more.  My workout today was a total drag and I feel a little bummed.  I ran 4.7 miles because I knew that it would even out my mileage.  Couldn't let yet ANother week go by without reaching my goal minimum.  Erg.  My last .7 of the mile I was struggling so much that I resorted talking to myself -- aloud.  I really didn't care, because I had a goal and I wasn't going to let myself stop.  Why was it so hard for me today??  The man on my left kept making grunting noises as he was running.  He was sweating didn't help that he dropped his towel and it went flying off the treadmill backward.  He looked down once or twice trying to locate it and then gave up.  Wise choice, old man. SPLAT.  
I did something new today, too.  I didn't run with my iPod.  Not sure why, I think I just wanted to see how long I could last without it.  
That's why I could hear the man grunting and pounding away and the lady on my right singing to her music.  And that's also why I was slightly annoyed by the gym's choice of music, but I did it.  When the lady closest to me left, I was in the home stretch and had no reserve about speaking to myself audibly.  It worked.  I told myself that there were other people in the gym with goals, too, and they weren't stopping why should I?  I'm happy that I didn't quit.  The red numbers were dragging upward and I couldn't take it so I clicked in 6.7 mph and dug in.

*sigh* Speaking of trying new things, I forgot to mention that I tried the medicine ball for the first time.  It was only 4lbs but I liked it.  A lot.  There will be more ab exercises with that little buddy in the future.

Week complete, was only able to run five days this week instead of my planned seven.  boo-stinkin'-who

Silent cheerleaders.  Don't know what else to say, but keep giving me the thumbs up.  It's like the pep talk one needs before the big game.


  1. Dreadmill, indeed. Open road has to be better..

  2. I'm goin to start up my two-a-day workouts again tomorrow. You are my inspiration!


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