Friday, March 4, 2011

Running Update: Lucky socks

I have lucky socks.  These are the socks I wore on my first 5k.  They made me happy.  So happy that  I ran it in 26 min and some seconds.  I love my socks.  

Just got an email informing me of a 10k.  Run, Walk, Relay For Life.  And I'm going to run it.  It's June 11th.  Three months.  Why am I nervous??  My stomach is ridiculous.  For my 5k I hadn't even started running and I got a stitch in my side!!  How is that possible?  I ran through it, but I was so mad that I had worked myself up so much.  HOpefully, that won't happen this next time around.  
Truth be told, I wish the race was tomorrow.
I will wear my lucky socks.

They also have a 1/4 mile run for children 6 and under and my little boy wants to run it.  I'm going to start training with him and find him a pair of lucky socks, too.  We're a family of runners, that's for sure.

So, I went to the gym yesterday.  Ran 2.2 and did 45 minutes of Zumba.  I know, I know, my last experience I nearly hobbled out, but this time I took it easy.  I'm trying to appreciate what Zumba has for me, an elevated heart rate and a relaxed form of cross-training.  But, I'm honestly thinking that I want to try something different.  They have this thing call "BodyPump" where they work out with weights.  It looks awesome.

Total this week:


Not sure if I'm going to get to run today.  My little boy got violently ill yesterday and we're going to take a chill pill.  Oh, and my desire to run everyday this week is still burning strong, but at this point impossible.  I already missed one day, Sunday.  D had school.  Yes, on a Sunday.   They don't have child care at the gym and it was wicked cold out.  And today isn't looking too promising either.  So frustrating.

Silent cheerleaders, what are you doing this weekend?? 

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  1. This weekend, I will have my little Paxton all to myself for four days while my big man is on a trip. I plan to make as many trips to the park as possible and put the jogging stroller to use! :D

    Zumba always attacks my right knee. Not sure if the moves are more one sided with my teacher or what...


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