Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Update: 5.2 miles

You know what's better than running 5.2 miles?  Running those miles when you don't think you can.  Yesterday was a doozy for me.  A real doozy.  I had a headache, I was starving and tired, my little girl pottied on herself, twice, accidentally flung her turkey sandwich across the room messing up the floor I had painstakingly washed on my hands and knees, my son had a "moment" in the library causing me much anxiety, the laundry I had been trying to fold for TWO days was still sitting on my couch...the day was just pretty much rotten.  When 4 o'clock rolled around, thoughts of going to the gym frustrated me, but I went.  Only to find out that my favorite class had been canceled, third week in a row, and the lady had quit!
Fine.  Whatever, I determined to run a little over 3 miles and just get it all over with.  Hopped on the 'mill and started running.  Surprisingly, I felt "ok".  My legs weren't dragging, my stomach kept growling, but I was feeling relatively strong.  I had my bright, neon green shirt on, and it made me happier.  
3.2 came around and for some reason I was feeling my oats, I pushed passed.  I figured 4 would be good enough, but I passed that, too.  Then, the lady who wears cologne, yes cologne, stepped on next to me and I couldn't finish fast enough.  Finally,  I just all out ran and made it to 5.2 and couldn't figure out how I got there or why I felt so good.  

Last week I totaled out at:
(give or take. I might have missed counting a day)

They say working out does wonders for bad moods.  It really does.  I turned into chatty Cathy and poor D just smiled and fell asleep while I was talking.  It's ok.  I loved my 5 mile run.

Silent cheerleaders, where are you all at with your exercise goals?  Do you hit "walls", too?  How do you get passed them?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Giveaway :: NOW CLOSED

I like spring.  I always have, but even more now that I live in a place where spring MEANS something.  Like a break from all. that. snow!

Recently, I made the acquaintance of a lovely lady named Jillian.  We were making cards together.  It's her hobby.  And when I say hobby, I mean it.  This girl is serious about poking holes in cardstock and adding little doo-dads to make the cutest of handmade cards.  But in order to keep up with her cute hobby she has to support it, right?  Enter, her business.  Thirty-One.  It's a faith-based business, taken from the premise of Proverbs 31, that helps to encourage women, inspire them and reward their efforts in the business.
She's here today to offer up the cutest totes all in celebration of spring!  Grab your picnic blanket, run to the lake and set up shop with this little guy.

You can use it for more than just your picnic snackies it's all-in-one organizer perfect for:
  an Easter Basket, beach tote, book carrier, car organizer, DVD/Game organizer, hobby purse.

It's just cute!  And she has more where that came from.  But here is your chance to get this one for free!!

In order to enter:
Follow her on FB!  Leave TWO separate comments letting me knowThis is your mandatory first entry.  Other ways to enter are:
  • Facebook this giveaway.  Three entries (leave three separate comments and leave me a link showing me you did. there is a FB link at the bottom of this post, just click and let it do all the work!)
  • Tell 5 friends about this giveaway.  Have them comment on Jillian's FB page telling her who sent them.  Three entries (leave three separate comments letting me know)
  • Blog about this giveaway and come back leaving me a link showing me you did!  Five entries (once again, leave five separate entries letting me know)  
  • Follow me!  Just click the follow button :0) .  Two entries.  (once again, leave TWO separate entries telling me you follow)
This contest ends April 11th.  No entries will be accepted after 12am of the 10th.  Winner will be announced Monday morning the 11th 10am PST.  Winner will be chosen by

Giveaway Winner!


You are the winner of little Ernest.  Or whatever you choose to rename him.  As I was sewing on his ear, I called him Ernest and smiled, because it just fit.  Please enjoy this little monkey made from love.  I'll need your address so I can get him to you.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forgive me for I have sinned...

It has been four days since my last post.  But I promise that there is a good reason :))  I have been busy!  There are a lot of good things in store so, please, stick around.  There are plans for my blog that are making me just giddy with delight.  Also, I will have another giveaway for you and it's something that I'm sure you're going to appreciate.  Made the acquaintance of a lovely lady recently and she has the most fabulous of businesses.  I'll introduce her to you later this week with all the goodies she has for you guys!

Get ready

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Update: For every up there is a down

So, after this weekend's ultimate high of running 8 unforgettable miles, I am on another slop down.  For the past three days it has been raining.  Maybe that has something to do with it?  Yesterday I didn't go running.  To be honest, I didn't feel like it.  I just wanted to stay home with my family.  So I did.
That was my Monday.
Tuesday was a little different.  Planned for my yoga class, which was canceled, yet again, totally bumming me out.  Hit the treadmill and boy it was horrible!  I slogged through 3.2 like it was the first time I'd ever run so far.  It didn't help that the lady next to me was wearing something that smelled like cologne, it was choking me.  But I made it.
Then I did an hour of what Gold's Gym calls Body Combat.  It was nice.  I was so tired by the end of it though.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?  I'm hoping.  My legs are still recovering from my long run on Saturday.  
Is it normal to be so UP and down??

Silent cheerleaders.  What else is there to say?  Not much, other than maybe a good run in the outdoors will wipe away my runner's blues.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Running Update: Face in the wind

**Don't forget about the Sock Monkey giveaway!  Spread the word.  I will be making more so you can choose which one you prefer.** 

Today, I made my own day.  I made myself smile.  Running 8 miles will do that to you.  Yes!  It's been four months since I last ran those eight miles and today I did it in an hour and fifteen.  It was very tiring.  

Mile 1: Rounded two corners and seriously had thoughts of going back to the house.  I was tired and it was windy.
Mile 2: Warming up and my leg muscles were feeling good. Passed through the initial mental anguish of What-in-the-world-AMIDOING!?
Mile 4: Started a "new race" and picked up the pace. Passed a group of tweens playing Saturday afternoon football cheers and all and I mentally recruited them to be my own personal cheerleaders.  Smiled for the next full mile until I could no longer hear them.  They never knew what they did for me.
Mile 6: Left leg started burning a little and I started feeling really tired.
Mile 7: Really tired because I just spent the last three miles with my face in the wind trying to run up the never ending hills.
(here is a photo from the top of the hill I had to run

Only when I reached the top, here is what was waiting for me, once again, running into the wind.

Mile 8 The Home stretch: One last never ending hill and then I kicked it into high gear and ran hard the rest of the way.  And my time definitely reflected the wind's horrible influence on my run.  Surrounding me with swirling gusts, pushing against my legs, trying to drag me backwards.  So mean.

Total miles:


Seriously??  When was the last time I did that??  Bet you can't even remember.  Well, you're not alone, because neither can I.  Shameful.
But I am SO happy that I finally broke the twenty mile goal again...

Silent cheerleaders, here's to more of this and that and maybe even a ten miler :))


I know, I'm already doing a sock monkey giveaway HERE, but I thought I would let you all know that I have three more, yes THREE, giveaways lined up.  I'm super excited about these.  First, I must tell you all that I'm determined to help the "little guy":  stay-at-home-moms, single mothers, young married women, mom's to be, with their efforts of earning a little extra money on the side.  Each situation is different and the economy isn't exactly handing out beefy paychecks right now...
So here I am, with a passion to help.  I would like to introduce you all to three new women in the following weeks.  They are all creative in their own way and would like for you to share this with them!

I don't know if I should tell you all what is in store, or if I should hold out!!  Hah.  I'm horrible.  But, be assured that you will enjoy each of these giveaways thoroughly.  

Cheers!  It's Saturday.  And I have to ask, what are you doing to "move it, move it" today??  I'm hoping the weather will hold out for my eight mile run...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Running Update: Hills from heaven

**Don't forget about the Sock Monkey giveaway!  Spread the word.  I will be making more so you can choose which one you prefer.**  
Welcome to re-OW-lity.  The dreadmill doesn't have a thang on these hills.  Went running outside for the first time in almost four months.  It was amazing.  Just me, smiling, getting bugs in my teeth and loving every sun-shiny second.  I started out with only a three mile run in mind because I had somewhere to be, but I quickly diverted and ran my four mile route.  Couldn't have felt better.  My legs were working and I could feel the muscles wincing a bit.  Those hills are no joke.  But I did 4 miles in 33 minutes.  And each hill I came to I embraced like it was my Fairy Jog Mother.  You got that right.  Those hills make you a better runner, hands down.
Total miles:


Looking to do an eight mile run this weekend.  Really, really hoping I have the time.  I'm sick and tired of running out of time.  A 21 at the end of my running week would be just swell.

Wow.  It's like all those bad running days just washed away with the rain today.  I love it.  

Hi, hills, fresh air, little gnats and sunshine, I'm Misha and I've really, really missed you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Running Update: Staying on track

**Don't forget about the Sock Monkey giveaway!  Spread the word.  I will be making more so you can choose which one you prefer.**

I promise.  I'm still running.  Feeling a bit like a failure, though.  Last week my total mileage was 11.5I can't seem to keep up with the 20 mile a week minimum I set for myself.  Between bouts of sickness and recovery it's been a deal.  My husband is going to school, full time, and he's working, so I have a limited amount of time to run without neglecting my family.  Last night was no exception, my husband was trying to study for two exams, which will be taking place today, good luck hunny, and I was desperately needing to make it to the gym.  Uhg.
Fortunately, baby girl hadn't taken a nap so she went down early, and then I took little boy over to the grandparents.  I went running 5.6 miles, stretched, did arms and abs and felt relatively good about my workout.  My legs were a bit tired though.  I reached my aforementioned goal of leg pressing my weight.  Well, I did my weight and then some.  130lbs 25x's. 
Really felt it in my run last night.  Also, remember that cute little medicine ball I mentioned?  I've been using him every time I do my abs.  I love it.  It's not difficult at all and I feel great.

I going to have to buy one of these soon.

The weather is getting nicer and with the added hour of daylight the chances of me getting to run OUTSIDE are greater.  So far it hasn't happened because my husband gets home when the cows are called in for supper.  Leaving me to either A.) run with wild animals or B.) run with other two legged wild animals at the gym.  I tend to pick option B. every time.

Last night I met another mom on the dreadmill.  She said that she's seen me before, but I don't ever remember seeing her.  I'm so focused on my workouts that other people are just background noise to me at the gym.
Anyway, found out she and her family are headed to California for a two week trip.  Man, I just spilled about all the great places she should go.  Then, she invited me to her place this Friday for a get together with some ladies in her church.  Really?  She never met me but felt comfortable enough to invite me over.  Totally awesome.  I might take her up on it.  They are going to be crafting...who can say no to that!

Today was supposed to be Zumba.  Crossing-training Thursday.  Didn't make it.  So, I'm going on a walk with my babies.  It will be three miles, with hills and a stroller not necessarily meant for jogging because I KNOW that I can't walk the whole three without jogging at some point.
Total this week:

I don't know, guys.  Somewhat discouraged.  I hear about other people who put in 30-40miles a week and I'm nowhere near that.  What am I doing??  Wasting my time?  
I'm training for a Marathon.  I'm training for a Marathon.  That's all I have to think about.  I can't give up.  I can't give up.

Silent cheerleaders? 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Humanity: If you can help

You know, there is so much tragedy going on in the world that we couldn't possibly be able to help each and every situation.  But when you ARE made aware and given a way to help, if even in the smallest of ways -- do it.  Our little church here in PA has a humanitarian effort of its own for those in need.  It's called Hope For Hunger.  Each month our church feeds 60-80 people in the surrounding towns a hot meal.  All of the food is donated and cooked by the ladies and young people in our church.  It feels good to give of yourself. 
 With the recent world disaster I'd like to take the lead from one of my very first inspirations, the lady who gave me push I needed to start sewing and crafting:  Dana from MADE.  She has made a compilation of sites that make it easy for us to donate to help those in need in Japan.  If you can, even if it's a dollar...there are auctions taking place so you can donate items and all of the proceeds go straight to the families suffering from the tsunami.

Here are the links she provided:
AND:  - If you'd like a list of other wonderful organizations (compiled by Apartment Therapy), click HERE.

- If you'd like to donate directly to the Red Cross, click HERE.

I personally chose to donate to Red Cross.  Please, show compassion and give to those who had no choice in their disaster.  Wouldn't we want the same done for us?  If you do decided to donate items or even money, leave a comment letting me know!  Let's do this together.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sewing: Sockty Rockty GIVEAWAY!!

My favorite part of the process.  Putting all of the body parts on.  They look quite ridiculous and gangly by themselves, but once everything is sewn up nicely it's perfect.  I decided to go with the sporty sockster first.  I'm thinking the plaid one next...either way, let's get this party started!

Who wants to be the proud owner of a handmade sock monkey?  I make them from knee high socks, so they are a bit larger than the original.

To enter: 
Be a follower!  If you already are, then just leave TWO separate comments letting me knowThis is your mandatory first entry.  Other ways to enter are:
  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway.  I am an @mommyhobbies follower and I entered to win a Sock Monkey!  Two enteries (leave two separate comments letting me know you tweeted; there is a nify little "tweet" button at the bottom of this post please, click it and copy paste the shout I mentioned above)
  • Facebook this giveaway.  Three entries (leave three separate comments and leave me a link showing me you did. there is a FB link at the bottom of this post, just click and let it do all the work!)
  • Tell 5 friends about this blog.  Three entries (leave three separate comments letting me know)
  • Blog about this giveaway and come back leaving me a link showing me you did!  Five entries (once again, leave five separate entries letting me know) 
This contest ends March 27th.  No entries will be accepted after 12am of the 27th.  Winner will be announced Monday morning the 28th 9am PST.  Winner will be chosen by

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snapped: I do more than run and sew

I take pictures, too.  I love, love taking pictures, especially of my children.  When spring FINALLY shows up, I will be doing more of the following...

I love catching my babies in action.  Something so sweet about it.

Come on sunny weather.  Kiss me. 

Sewing: Guess what I gott!

I just couldn't help myself.  They were all on sale and I couldn't settle on just one pair.  I'm going to be making that sock monkey this week and I need you all to tell me which colors you want me to use!

They were the last of the winter lot, hanging on the rack looking quite lonely.

*snag* Right into my waiting shopping cart.

To be honest...this last pair is my fav.  I would love to make a sporty little Sockster with these guys.

So which one??  Do tell :)  And do share with all your friends!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heads Up!

It's only fair.  So, I promised a giveaway with a sock monkey (no worries, we're still on for that) but now, I'm bringing to you another giveaway!  

My dear friend, and childhood buddy, Sarah has a new found talent.  Crocheting.  She learned how to crochet from her sweet, sweet granny last summer.   My goodness.  I wish I could catch on to something and come up with the most original and beautiful pieces of art.  
She knows how to make your clothing smile.

Or your hair

She has an obsession with finding items to reuse and recycle.  Some of the most mundane items she has turned into gorgeous center pieces, lamps, decorative pieces, you name it.  And I will be doing a giveaway of her genius cutsies in the next couple of weeks!
I'm really excited about this and you should be too because her stuff is one of a kind.
Give her a visit and "follow" her blog.  Support a good friend and the ideas of truly recycling and reusing.
So, here is the kicker.  I am going to be away for the weekend and won't be able to update  :(  I know.  I WILL be running, though.  But, I won't have a sewing machine with me to start on the monkey for you all.   Next week, it's all systems go.
There will be a sock monkey giveaway and all that good stuff.  Hang on tight, my friends.  

Please, spread the word it only means more for you :))

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running Update: If you're happy and you know it

I lied.

Before I left for the gym last night I told my husband that I wasn't going to go all crazy and run hard or anything.  Well, that didn't happen.  Once I start running, I get a little myopic.  All that matters is making it to the next tenth and then the next tenth.  Such a sucker.
I was a little rough on myself last night.  My run started out nice and cheery, but I had forgotten my water bottle so that little mind trip was floating around in my head threatening to de-tread me, and I loped my way up to 2.5.  BREAK.  Jumped off to get a sip of water then hopped back on, and this is where my run turned bad.
I couldn't run it out at all.  My stomach was so queasy my eyes started swimming a little so I fast walked at 4.0 and 3% incline.  Determined to walk out at LEAST one more mile.  But walking is so boring.  In spite of my stomach clawing around, I clicked in 5.0 and slow jogged on an incline of 3.5%.  There was no letting myself off easy.  So last night I did 3.5 miles.

My ab workout was cut short.  I only did 40 ab sets, but I did them with a 4lb medicine ball to make sure I was really digging in.  Then I went and worked my legs out.  45 reps.  The first 30, I set the leg press machine to 90lbs and the last 15 reps were at 110 lbs.  There are a variety of ways to use the leg press machine to optimize ones workout.  Maybe I'll take my camera in some time and show you what I do.  My goal is to be able to press my body own body weight....shoot, I almost told you all how much I weigh....hahah.  Maybe someday, maybe someday.

Then I did 20 arm reps.  Nothing special but I just wanted to make my workout feel like a workout.  It's hard not to push yourself when you're used to a certain rhythm in the gym.

Today is CROSS-TRAINING day, which, for me, is yoga.  Hopefully, I'll run another 2+ miles and then cool down with an hour of yoga.  Yoga is a runner's dream.  Seriously.  I'm not a pro but I can tell you my body thanks me EVERY time...
Silent cheerleaders, what are your plans to stay healthy and move this week?  Challenge yourself a little.  Do you run the dreadmill, too?  Do you have it on an incline?  Pump it up to 2% incline and feel the burn.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sewing: Sock attack!!

Ok, so, I put out the a few replies and I figure that it will be enough to go off of.  I will be making yet another sock monkey, but this time for you all!! 
This past week has pretty much been a whirlwind.  My whole family was sick and then it hit me.  My house looks like it's growing hair because my kids got into the batting and now it's strewn all over the house in puffy little balls and tiny little hairs.  But I'm baaaccckkkk.  Tell your friends, spread the monkey sock love and smile this week :))


**I will be posting the official giveaway later this week.**

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Running Update: Unsatisfied

Wow.  I did it spite of feeling disappointed I made it to a week total of:

20 miles

It's not that I'm not happy I made it, I just feel like I could have done more.  My workout today was a total drag and I feel a little bummed.  I ran 4.7 miles because I knew that it would even out my mileage.  Couldn't let yet ANother week go by without reaching my goal minimum.  Erg.  My last .7 of the mile I was struggling so much that I resorted talking to myself -- aloud.  I really didn't care, because I had a goal and I wasn't going to let myself stop.  Why was it so hard for me today??  The man on my left kept making grunting noises as he was running.  He was sweating didn't help that he dropped his towel and it went flying off the treadmill backward.  He looked down once or twice trying to locate it and then gave up.  Wise choice, old man. SPLAT.  
I did something new today, too.  I didn't run with my iPod.  Not sure why, I think I just wanted to see how long I could last without it.  
That's why I could hear the man grunting and pounding away and the lady on my right singing to her music.  And that's also why I was slightly annoyed by the gym's choice of music, but I did it.  When the lady closest to me left, I was in the home stretch and had no reserve about speaking to myself audibly.  It worked.  I told myself that there were other people in the gym with goals, too, and they weren't stopping why should I?  I'm happy that I didn't quit.  The red numbers were dragging upward and I couldn't take it so I clicked in 6.7 mph and dug in.

*sigh* Speaking of trying new things, I forgot to mention that I tried the medicine ball for the first time.  It was only 4lbs but I liked it.  A lot.  There will be more ab exercises with that little buddy in the future.

Week complete, was only able to run five days this week instead of my planned seven.  boo-stinkin'-who

Silent cheerleaders.  Don't know what else to say, but keep giving me the thumbs up.  It's like the pep talk one needs before the big game.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Running Update: Lucky socks

I have lucky socks.  These are the socks I wore on my first 5k.  They made me happy.  So happy that  I ran it in 26 min and some seconds.  I love my socks.  

Just got an email informing me of a 10k.  Run, Walk, Relay For Life.  And I'm going to run it.  It's June 11th.  Three months.  Why am I nervous??  My stomach is ridiculous.  For my 5k I hadn't even started running and I got a stitch in my side!!  How is that possible?  I ran through it, but I was so mad that I had worked myself up so much.  HOpefully, that won't happen this next time around.  
Truth be told, I wish the race was tomorrow.
I will wear my lucky socks.

They also have a 1/4 mile run for children 6 and under and my little boy wants to run it.  I'm going to start training with him and find him a pair of lucky socks, too.  We're a family of runners, that's for sure.

So, I went to the gym yesterday.  Ran 2.2 and did 45 minutes of Zumba.  I know, I know, my last experience I nearly hobbled out, but this time I took it easy.  I'm trying to appreciate what Zumba has for me, an elevated heart rate and a relaxed form of cross-training.  But, I'm honestly thinking that I want to try something different.  They have this thing call "BodyPump" where they work out with weights.  It looks awesome.

Total this week:


Not sure if I'm going to get to run today.  My little boy got violently ill yesterday and we're going to take a chill pill.  Oh, and my desire to run everyday this week is still burning strong, but at this point impossible.  I already missed one day, Sunday.  D had school.  Yes, on a Sunday.   They don't have child care at the gym and it was wicked cold out.  And today isn't looking too promising either.  So frustrating.

Silent cheerleaders, what are you doing this weekend?? 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing: If I were to make...

Another sock monkey...would anyone be interested in it?

They take a while to make but I really like doing it!  Not to mention, I really enjoy the fact you all are supporting my efforts in this world of Blog-dom.  I'll give it away if I have enough interest.  Just leave me a comment letting me know and I'll get to sewing.  Don't make me ask you twice, now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running Update: This is proof

The screen shot from my 8 mile run.  I was completely shocked that I ran 8 miles in just a little over an hour.  Oh to do that again.  The first and last time I ran those 8 miles was in November of last year when the weather was still agreeable.  I keep looking at this screen shot thinking about the half-marathon that I want to run.  Is it possible that on my first ever half that I could make it a run to remember?  Tossing around serious thoughts of a two hour half.  TOTALLY possible and a little daunting, because that's really fast.  hah.  That's like 8 minute miles.  Right now, I run 8:30s and to cut my mile down by another 30 seconds would take some work.  Goals, goals, goals...

I am running on the treadmill at a 2.5% grade in order to keep challenging my legs but it's NOTHING like running on the hills out here.  The burn is like no other.  I can round the first corner from our place and feel like I want to stop.  Craziness.  I go into a zone though AND without my iPod something that is near impossible at the gym.  Me and the iPod are inseparable.

Going to yoga/pilates this afternoon.  Dragging the babies along.  It's my cross-training day so I take it easy.  Looking to do a 2 mile run and an hour of yoga.  Yesterday, I ran 5.7 a good start to my 20 mile week, ya think?

Silent cheerleaders what's on the agenda?