Friday, March 18, 2011

Running Update: Hills from heaven

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Welcome to re-OW-lity.  The dreadmill doesn't have a thang on these hills.  Went running outside for the first time in almost four months.  It was amazing.  Just me, smiling, getting bugs in my teeth and loving every sun-shiny second.  I started out with only a three mile run in mind because I had somewhere to be, but I quickly diverted and ran my four mile route.  Couldn't have felt better.  My legs were working and I could feel the muscles wincing a bit.  Those hills are no joke.  But I did 4 miles in 33 minutes.  And each hill I came to I embraced like it was my Fairy Jog Mother.  You got that right.  Those hills make you a better runner, hands down.
Total miles:


Looking to do an eight mile run this weekend.  Really, really hoping I have the time.  I'm sick and tired of running out of time.  A 21 at the end of my running week would be just swell.

Wow.  It's like all those bad running days just washed away with the rain today.  I love it.  

Hi, hills, fresh air, little gnats and sunshine, I'm Misha and I've really, really missed you.

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  1. That sounds wonderful! It makes me giddy to think about running outside. :)


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