Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Humanity: If you can help

You know, there is so much tragedy going on in the world that we couldn't possibly be able to help each and every situation.  But when you ARE made aware and given a way to help, if even in the smallest of ways -- do it.  Our little church here in PA has a humanitarian effort of its own for those in need.  It's called Hope For Hunger.  Each month our church feeds 60-80 people in the surrounding towns a hot meal.  All of the food is donated and cooked by the ladies and young people in our church.  It feels good to give of yourself. 
 With the recent world disaster I'd like to take the lead from one of my very first inspirations, the lady who gave me push I needed to start sewing and crafting:  Dana from MADE.  She has made a compilation of sites that make it easy for us to donate to help those in need in Japan.  If you can, even if it's a dollar...there are auctions taking place so you can donate items and all of the proceeds go straight to the families suffering from the tsunami.

Here are the links she provided:
AND:  - If you'd like a list of other wonderful organizations (compiled by Apartment Therapy), click HERE.

- If you'd like to donate directly to the Red Cross, click HERE.

I personally chose to donate to Red Cross.  Please, show compassion and give to those who had no choice in their disaster.  Wouldn't we want the same done for us?  If you do decided to donate items or even money, leave a comment letting me know!  Let's do this together.

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