Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sewing: Meet Binky, the hobo

My weekend was pretty much packed.   I had a slumber party for the young girls in my youth group and then the next day we went to a birthday party.  My goal was to make a hobo sack for the birthday girl and hoped that I could fill the sack with odds, ends and goodies.  But last minute I decided to whip up a sock monkey.  It couldn't have come together more nicely.  
I'm officially hooked on mid-calf length socks.  SO much easier and quicker to stuff and just the right size.
 Went and dug around in my stash of fabrics and found a nice happy color for the sack.  Green with polka-dots!

I needed a contrasting color for the tie, so I grabbed yet another happy color.  Orange.
(for some reason it looks red in this picture.)

And in a little over an hour I had a hobo sack!!

My little helper was so cute and very curious about all my sewings-on.

Luckily, I had a couple more helpers to lend a hand in the stuffing the monkey.  These last minute ideas can give you grey hairs...but these girls saved the day!

I finished stitching the monkey shut with five minutes left to spare and raced off to the party with the cutest monkey.  Binky.

And a hobo sack :)  Not bad for a last minute idea, eh?

But what really made my day was the birthday girl wearing Binky's color scheme.  TOTALLY worth the needle stabs and pin pricks.

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