Monday, April 11, 2011

All around update sewing, photography and running

Been busy.
Not sure how I found myself in this avalanche of activities but I have.  Enjoying it but also looking for a way to balance everything!  My weeks have suddenly become filled with stuffing sock monkeys, making bustle bottom skirts, sewing flags...and running?  Well, that's why I'm getting worried.  I haven't been able to put in any serious mileage in two weeks.  My longest run has been three measly miles. 
Tonight my babies have music prep class and I'm hoping D gets home early enough to take them so I can shoot off for a run.  Saturday I did a speed run and I won't even mention my time.  It was horrible.  Maybe I should try running on a flat route instead of one that has major hills to see what my time could really be.  The weather is slowly, SLOWLY turning warmer and with the little bit of extra daylight I will be able to run outside before the bears come out to play.  My legs really need to hills out here to make them stronger for my distances run.  Love my time at the gym because of those awesome cross-training classes, but that dreadmill gives me all kinds of excuses not to challenge myself.  
Oh speaking of good weather.  My camera has been jumping off my dresser itching to get outside and take cool shots of my kids in action.  For a long time my camera was having insane problems focusing and I couldn't figure out why.  A lot of my shots were coming out soft, a nice way to say a bit blurry, and it was driving me nuts!  Finally, this morning, I figured it out and was able to to nail a few close ups like this to celebrate.

I call this series: Black-eyed Me

Baby boy met up with a chair at church the other night.  Rude chair.  Gave him a black eye!  Now, is that how you make friends for life?  Why, yes.  Because the next service he was running around the sanctuary again doing just the opposite what he was allowed.  Recipe for disaster.  You would think he'd learn his lesson the first time around.  Battle scars from church.  Nice.
Be on the look out for more of me and my photos.

O!  Spring Giveaway ended last night, the winner will be announced shortly!

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  1. His owie looks like a heart shaped kite. It even has a tail on it! Glad to see my precious sweetheart is on the mend.


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