Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running: Truth be told

I have no idea what I'm doing.  Going by the seat of my pants and feeling great about it, but discovering that I need to do something to shore up the seat of my pants, too.  
Enter:  Vitamins

I take these every day.

I have always taken at least ONE form of vitamin.  As a kid, we had the huge, chalky orange tablets for vitamin C that my dad would get for me and my sisters.  
He always bought us vitamins.  
Well into my adult years he would send me bottles of vitamins and then hound me to make sure I was getting my daily intake.  So, I've always had a vitamin floating around in my life.  Grown kind of fond of them, actually. 
When I was pregnant, I thought taking those horse pills would be no big deal, since we went way back and all.  WRONG.  I think it's totally appropriate to use the timeless expression, "Gag-me", here.  So, I resorted to Flintstones' vitamins.  Yummmm.

I ran out of my fish oil a while back and my joints were really, really feeling it.  Like, it was amazing the change in my joints.  I started getting a sharp pain in my right knee and all of my joints were crackling like the fourth of July.  Seriously.  It made me worried.  But, no worries now.  Back on track and feeling better than ever.  Joint wise.

My runs are short and to the point as of late.  Not too happy, but I haven't stopped running.  Today I ran 3.1 yesterday it was 1.4 plus and hour of Body Pump.  Tomorrow it will be an hour of Body Pump and then mileage unknown.  I'll be running with the Body Pump instructor.  She's amazing.

Silent cheerleaders, where are you at in your journey to health and fitness?  Is there a ten minute brisk walk in your future?  Or a three mile run?  Do tell.

Oh, be smart take your vitamins, they love how you love them and they'll love you right back.  Promise.


  1. Take my vitamins and fish oil daily! And you know all about my insane activity level. I turn 47 tomorrow and I feel GRRRRRREAT!!!! (Could it be because I don't eat Frosted Flakes on a regular basis like I did 40 years ago?)

  2. Oh, I'm such a mess! Not consistent at all...but May will be my month to get back on track...I swear!

  3. Let me know if you want a running partner! I would love to be on your heels :))


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