Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sewing: Bustle Bottom Skirt

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Got down to business today.  Finished off the cutest of skirts.  I love them.
Piles of no-fray chiffon and a soft grey cotton fabric to make the magic happen.

All the little details.  Cutting, folding, ironing, making sure I don't sew my SAFTEY PIN INTO THE SKIRT.  Good lord, don't ask.  I have to be one of the most air-headed black-haired people, ever. 

I had my little Rambo side-kick.  She kept snatching my phone, pushing all of my straight pins down into the pin cushion and running off with my scissors.  You haven't sewn until you've sewn with a two year old biting at your ankles.

About an hour in, this is what starts to take shape.

Then, before you know it, voila!  This skirt gets cuter and cuter every time I make it.

So much fun!

POOF!  Magic, I tell ya...


  1. I make and sell them! THis one was ordered by a friend of mine, but I had to take pics of it before it went :))


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