Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running Update: Body. PUMPED

Tonight's work out was, in a word -- fabulous.
I started out with an hour of Body Pump.  The teacher issued us a challenge and I accepted.  Bump up your weights.  I rocked out to whatever music they were playing with twice as much weight on my bar, tonight.  It felt good.  The burn was nice and I felt the lactic acid at work.  I was grunting trying to lift the bar up over my head, sweating and shaking trying to do the triceps.  uhg.  But I couldn't give up.  I talked to myself, we already established that I'm a little weird so this should come as no surprise to you all, during the really difficult moments of the workout because I thought I was going to burst.  Pushed myself to the end and then jumped on the 'mill.  Ran a spritely 2.2 miles on 2.5% incline.  The first mile was 6.5 mph the next .8 was 6.7 and the last .2 I gave it my all and ran at 6.9mph.  I almost fell off the treadmill I was so tired.  My legs were already tired from the squats I had done in the class, but I needed to push myself.  Tonight I totally redeemed myself and really re-focused my energies on the task at hand.
I CAN do this.  A 10k is in my future.  A 50 mile relay is to totally achievable.  And running a marathon is well within my grasp.  I now need to surge past my 8 mile lock.  This weekend is out, though, because I have somewhere to be, but I will be running a new record of 10 miles, soon.
Silent cheerleaders, when was the last time you challenged yourself?  How did you feel after?

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