Monday, April 18, 2011

Running: Staying the course

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Pumped myself up tonight with an hour of Body Pump.  Felt good.  Felt even better knowing that I am taking my vitamins again.  Fish Oil rocks for my joints.  Anyway, after Body Pump, I set my feet to running.  AWFUL.  My first mile was like lead.  And I honestly just about gave up.  But I didn't feel right about not running AT least two miles.  Didn't think I could make it, my iPod was stuffed in my gym bag because I forgot my ear buds, and the guy with the mullet was running next to me again.  His hair really distracts me.  I have this sneaking suspicion that maybe his mullet is a toupee, makes me laugh.
Finally, I just fixated on the girl in front of me.  She had a curl on the back of her neck.  I watched it for a while then I shifted my eyes to the left and watched the heart light up and disappear on the elliptical. 
Anyway 2.5 miles tonight.  Really loving Body Pump.  Hoping I can keep going twice a week.  Tomorrow it's my low key day, but I'm hoping to get a good, hilly run in.  Been dreaming and dreaming about a 10 mile run.  Shoot.  I don't know how I'm going to mentally overcome that.  Ten miles!  Wish me luck.

Still running.  I'm still here, silent cheerleaders.  Boston Marathon just happened.  Got the warm fuzzies thinking about it.  What's got you going?


  1. Oh! I remember my first 10 miler - it was a HUGE milestone. Just keep running, it will happen. I like to break long runs up mentally - "I've run 2.5 miles, just 3 more of those..."

  2. Yes! I do that, too! It makes it easier. What is going to be so hard about this one is the fact that I have to run PAST my house. Uhg. Running past my house and then coming back again. What mental torture, I know I'm going to want to stop.


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