Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running Update: Sore

Rough week.  Like absolutely no running, type of rough week.  Came down with a bear of a cold and D informed me that I wouldn't be going out for my daily intake of calorie burning.  Then, I was swamped with sewing tasks.  I'm so, so grateful for the work, trust me.  I'm just wondering how moms like Carrie do it all!  
Sometimes, I feel like I've got everything under control, all my ducks in a row, then, BAM one ball drops and it seems like they all follow down at once.  One week.  Really?  My mood took a sharp dive south the longer I went without working out.  No bueno.
But, sometimes duty calls.  Had deadlines to meet, ya know?  

Anyway, enough thinking about that.  I went to workout last night.  An hour of Body Pump and then 1.6 on the 'mill.  I'm feeling pretty spritely this morning.  
I have a little news to share.  Last week, I was invited to participate in a 50 mile relay run.  Talk about exciting.  My heart gets all jumpy when I think about it.  I'm relatively new to running and this seems like such a huge jump for me.  Even though I have the nerves there is also this little monster in me that says, "you can do it, don't think about the others."  I'll be running with veterans who know that it will be my first run like this.  It's in October.  199 more days to prep.  Don't feel too confident coming off a week of no running.  Have to get my head back in the game.

June will be my 10k.  Looking to run a half marathon after that and then...well...wish me luck.

Silent cheerleaders, what was your workout week like?

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