Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running Update: Discouraged

I thought for sure after almost two weeks I would have recovered, but it's not so.  Two weeks ago I hurt my neck and ever since I've been in severe pain.  It affects my sleep.  My nights have included me grabbing my own neck and holding it tightly so I can turn my body into a new position.  I haven't had a full range of motion in my neck this whole time and it's making simple tasks that much harder.  Picking up my children, doing dishes, making dinner, cleaning up the house.
Monday I ran full tilt beating my treadmill time and coasting through 5.3 miles like it was nothing.  THAT was glorious.  But now, it's Wednesday and I know that I need to put in another 5 miles but I'm not sure my neck will allow me.  I can't even swallow my food or drink without it hurting!!  It's horrible.  So, if once again, my miles are low this week bear with me, please.  My body is letting me know that I have to rest and it's KILLING ME!  My legs are burning to go for a run, but I don't want to continue to aggravate my neck muscles.  Please pray that I recover soon, because I don't know how much more I can take...sleepless nights, inhabited exercise and constant pain.


Silent cheerleaders, you know what to do.


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