Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running Update: Family

This is where I draw the line.  My family.  They come first. 
 (watching Curious George, cuz he's sooo cool!)
The last time I ran was my last running post to you all.  Since then, it's been a recovery period for myself while my children proceeded to get very ill.  
I'm a mommy and wife, first, THEN whatever kind of wannabe athlete after.  So, yeah, mileage count.  


Not going to lie.  I feel like junk.  I want to run so bad.  It's been a week and I feel like I'm growing a second stomach or something.  Getting a little stir crazy.  The gym has yoga/pilates this morning and I had planned to go, because they offer childcare and it's only an hour and I NEED to exercise.  But my little girl had me up half the night with her coughing, choking and wheezing.  So it was a no brainer for me this morning.  Baby girl is just not well enough for me to take her out.  Yet another day, inside, the weather is horrible and my legs are going to start involuntarily running in place if I don't get to the gym soon.

Don't lose hope in me silent cheerleaders.  Just keeping my priorities straight is all.


  1. You are an awesome mother! Your children won't remember how many miles you ran, but they will remember you being there for them.

  2. Thank you, Kathy! I'm definitely trying to be a good mommy.


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