Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running Update: Midnight snacks

I have a problem.  I love to eat.  Of course, I'm pretty particular about what I eat, but there are some things I just can't live without.  

Last night, I started my running week off with a bang.  5.2 miles and I felt great.  I'm hoping to keep up the trend and reach 20+ miles this week.  It will be a long time coming.  
Either way, when ever I finish my runs I'm borderline famished.  Like, everything looks like I need to eat it.  Well, almost everything.  McDoodies and any sort of fast food makes me gag.  But I'm pillaging through my fridge searching for leftovers or eating a full dinner after my workout.
My workout days usually go like this: eat, feed babies, clean, take care of the children, play, sleep(maybe), clean, eat a late lunch, start dinner around 4pm, cook dinner around 5pm, wake the kids up, feed them dinner, wait for D to get home(around6pm), go workout, come home to a husband that ate the dinner I made, eat dinner by myself, shower and collapse.

Yeah, so my workouts are in the evening time, hence my insane hunger.  So, last night after my workout I stopped by the store to pick up a few things for a sewing project (that I will reveal probably tomorrow. excited!) and stumbled upon the best little snacky-doo, ever!  Now, I have always been a Clif Bar fan, my first introduction to it was two days after Cy was born.  Friends of mine came to the hospital with a care package full of bananas, fruit snacks and a peanut butter Clif Bar.  Ahhh, hooked, instantly.  So, it's safe to say, that yes, I'm a Clif Bar fan -- five years and counting.
So when I saw this new bar they came out with, I snatched it up.  
I have no clue how they managed to take a "granola" type bar and make it perfectly crunchy and perfectly soft enough all at the same time.  Protein heaven.

What I snack on, my kids also snack on, I had better make sure it's healthy!
Clif bars for Cy and fresh strawberries and yogurt covered raisins for Roma.

Bottom line -- I NEED protein.  I love pistachios after working out, too.  Last night, I made a "stir fry" of sorts.  I found a fabulous recipe for teriyaki sauce, marinated the chicken for about an hour and tossed my carrots and asparagus around in steaming oil until they were relatively soft.  Served up over puffy white rice.  Delish and the perfect meal to consume after a vigorous workout.

A 40 min run and Yoga/pilates tonight!  

Silent cheerleaders.  What are you doing to stay fit today?


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  1. My goal is to start going to the gym twice a day....today is day #1. =)

  2. Ran 8.4 miles this morning ;) My fuel of choice is made by Hammer Nutrition (http://hammernutrition.com/) I use Hammer Gel for long runs and drink Recoverite when I get home. They do not use any sugar in their products - no flash and crash for me.

  3. My goal is to run week six, day one of Couch to 5K today and Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I need to try the Clif Bars. The protein bar aisle is way too overwhelming, so I always skip it.


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