Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sewing: Who does that!?

Since I started dedicating a lot of time to my running, I started scheming, too.  My plan is to have a really cute outfit to run my first marathon.
Ever since I saw these, my mind has been rolling.  I want a sparkly skirt, too!  So, first things first.  Make a skirt that I can attach my sparkle to.  
Today was my day.  Fully determined to make a wonderful little running skirt I took my current one as a template.  I love my running skirt.  It fits in just a way that it doesn't hinder me at all when I run.  Love it.

But of course, with a brain like mine I'm bound to mess something up.  Like sew the top half of my skirt SHUT instead of the side?!  Who does that, anyway??  ARg.

It didn't take me too long to fix my mess.  Of course, I promised myself that I would be more attentive and not make anymore silly mistakes.  HAH.  No such luck.

Because of course, my next blunder was not so fixable *sigh*

Yeah, I sewed the band on incorrectly!  So, the outside of my skirt has a nice serge effect along the seams.  REally?  I was so bummed.

I'm thinking it looks cuter on my baby girl.  So, my first time trying to make myself a running skirt absolute failure.  But I know the next time around I will be more successful. 
I will have to make adjustments to the waist band because it was much more loose than I would prefer...being totally honest, the band was HUGE.  The rest of the skirt fit nicely, though.  I'm thinking, darts are in order.  Because there is no other way to get that band to fit properly.

On the hunt for cute, sparkly, tutu material.  Any ideas??


  1. It looks pretty great all things considered!!

  2. Those sparkle skirts are so cute! I don't run and I want one. You'll definitely get your skirt just the way you want it next time. The first go at it is where you build up all of your confidence. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

    I feel like I've seen sparkly fabric like that at JoAnn Fabrics up in Williamsport.

  3. Thanks, Jen! And you know what, I discovered later, that my skirt wasn't a complete failure. If I turn it so the serged sides are in and the band with the serged side out it looks fine because the band folds over and hides the seams!! It looks good but the band is still rather large.
    And I will take a gander at JoAnn's for sure.


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