Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing: Sacrificial Socks

Have you ever had a favorite pair of socks?
Please, you would be lying if you said you didn't. 
It's not like these socks had magic powers or anything but putting them on did make me happier.

I'm a sucker for color.  It wasn't always this way, though.  I discovered that if you're going to wear color you need to be confident in the ones you pick!
(a recent photo of my dad and I at the Met.  That's a gorgeous Rodin piece behind us)

I'm not saying I'm the most confident person, but I am confidently colorful.  For sure.  
So that's why when I put on my favorite pair of stripey socks one day and within three steps they promptly slid down my leg, I got really sad.
And then I hid my socks from myself so I wouldn't have to think about throwing them away.

A couple days ago I was browsing the net looking at some of my favorite sites (their buttons are on the right hand side of my blog).  I saw this tutorial and I knew what I had to do.
No, I did not pull them out and walk around the house in them one last time, I simply started tracing and cutting.  You know, just to get it over a band-aid.

I have to say that stuffing the body was fun.  Stuffing the arms, and tail, not so much.  And I thought that I would dread the hand sewing part, but oddly enough I felt organic as I sewed those little tubes onto the tadpole looking thing I had just stuffed.

Of course, in any sewing adventure, or ANY adventure, for that matter, there is bound to be a silly mistake.  *sigh*  So, I sewed BOTH my socks into monkeys instead only ONE like I was supposed to.  The other sock is meant to be used for the arms, ears, nose and tail.  Please don't make the same mistake I did.  You might not be so lucky to have an extra pair of old socks laying  around to save your bacon.

Blue arms, tail, nose and ears.
(poor lighting, I didn't want to use my flash...maybe I should have)

But it turned out so cute that I couldn't beat myself up too horribly.

I did have plans for this cute little monkey.  He was supposed to be a gift for someone, but Cylas was smitten and I just couldn't bear to take it away from him.

So, there is another sock monkey in my crafty future...
And I'm really excited about this one.

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  1. I want to make one!! can you get me the pattern? by the way. . .I think the mistake was awesome! love the diff colors

  2. Sarah: I actually gave the link in the post because it was just too good to keep to myself :)) But here it is again:


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