Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running Update: Laced up my shoes today

My neck feels better.  I think that's because I practically pulled it off my shoulders to twist and move my very, very tender muscles in an effort to convince them to disentangle themselves from the back of my brain.  A few tears were shed yesterday in my endeavor.  It's ok.  I feel a million times better today.  There is still a twinge if I move my neck a certain way, but at least I can move my neck!

Today I went to the gym with my babies.  Mistake number one.  Walked in an hour AFTER the babysitter for the gym had gone home.  So, no sitter for the kids.  I decided that I would try to run as fast as I could while the children entertained themselves in the playroom...right next to me.  Mistake number two.  I wasn't even at a mile when Cylas pops his head out and yells REALLY loud that he has to "go peeeee!"
"Just go, it's ok!  Just go!"  I'm huffing and puffing and my neck hurts because I'm twisting it the wrong way so I can see him better.  I almost fall off and he's still staring at me not moving.

At a mile an a half, I hear screeching and Cylas opens the door again this time to tell me Roma wants to talk to me.  She has PBJ all over her face and she's crying.  Rats.  My treadmill is still churning at 6.2 mph.  I hop off, give her a quick kiss and dart back to the mill.  My little red numbers smile back at me 1.3.  Shoot.  how am I going to make it to 2 miles without my kids killing themselves...  Solution.  Run faster.  7.0 it is and I'm sweating fiercely, at this point, and hoping that Cylas doesn't open that door again because I just know that I will fly off backwards like somebody from the Matrix kicked me and slam into what ever is behind me.  Thankfully, he doesn't and I successfully completed a 2.1 mile run in a little over 20 minutes...slow,  but pretty ok considering I was on a treadmill running for my life. 

Don't be disappointed.  I'm going to be running tomorrow, too.  Maybe another 5 miler?  This time SANS children, blessed Mary mother of God save me.

Silent cheerleaders?  Show me some love. 


  1. Wow! And I thought I was brave running out to the grocery store with my 3 boys today...but you are VERY brave and determined! Hope you have a better experience tomorrow! :)

  2. I'm thinking Paxton running circles around me doing lunges is a piece of cake!

  3. Dang, I just left you a message...long...and then didn't do the verification stuff. I lost it. Anyway, you're doing awesome...keep it up! - J

  4. Aw!! I LOVE long messages. I get a little lost in thought and I smile a lot. hahah. Looking forward to another Looong message from you soon :)))


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