Saturday, January 29, 2011

Running Update: Water

I can't truly enjoy my water unless it's cold.  Very cold.  So, I keep a glass in the fridge.  My glass is always frosty and it's the best water ever.  It's also a sort of challenge to see how many times I can empty my glass throughout the day.

I read once that when you're going on long runs you should only drink when thirsty.  I guess that makes sense.  Well, I drink my glass down at least four or more times a day.  I do have my "off" days where I get too busy, but I try to make sure I'm plenty hydrated.

Anyway, last night, I went running and I almost stopped at a mile and a half!  My legs felt like lead or blocks, or something awful.  I dragged myself up to two miles, almost fell off the treadmill, even, then told myself that if I can make it to two then I could do NO LESS than 3.2 (a 5k).  The little red numbers flicked up to 3.2 and I figured I should try and push to 3.5.  My legs still felt like I had monsters gnawing on them but I couldn't stop because my little red numbers were up to 3.7.  So, I polished the evening off with 4.1, 140 abs sets and 70 arm reps.  I suppose I should be fair and tell you all that I had been up since 2:45am with two sick children, didn't eat lunch and didn't take a nap.  REST and FOOD are important!!  uhm, like, duh.

Today I went to the gym and it was like I was a new woman.  I did an hour and a half of Zumba and then a 3.6 mile run.
Total miles for the week:

Don't know how to feel about this number.  The goal I set for myself is to have logged at least 20 + miles a week.   Should I beat myself up?  Mmmm, naw, I ran and I ran, and then pushed when I felt like I couldn't even lift my legs.

Here we go silent cheerleaders.  Another month is on the horizon.  Three cheers for staying committed this whole month!

**The YTD mileage summary: 76 miles, so far, for the month of January**

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  1. Great work, girlfriend! You are amazing me with your level of dedication! I am proud of you!


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