Wednesday, January 5, 2011


11.3 miles this week.   This year...
A little low, but I am working with the time I have.  Because it's winter the mornings are very dark and very, very cold.  I could get up earlier but I'm not comfortable running around here in the pitch of morning.  No street lights.
I am happy, however, that my goal of running at least 20 miles this week is very achievable.   I have upped my abs to 135 instead 120.  Feels good.  My body is getting stronger and I can feel my muscles strengthening around my lower back.   My lower back is my arch nemesis and if I don't watch it, it will get me good.
Met two ladies this morning while on my chilly run.  They were walking their dogs; and there is nothing better than running up a hill with "Good luck!" and "Good for you" 's following my back.  It made me smile and my run so much better.  Having support, even if from complete strangers, is very empowering.


  1. Wow!!! I am proud of you for just deciding to run a marathon. You can do it! Keep the posts coming.


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