Monday, May 2, 2011

Running: My new cats

Just kidding. 

But no, seriously, let me introduce you to my new shoes.

Until someone can show me why I shouldn't be buying Pumas to run in, I'm addicted.  I love them.  I hear people talking about Brooks and Asics and all those, but I'm a low profile type of girl and I'm not fond of the clunky styles they offer.  
I took my new shoes out for a spin today.  Loved them and didn't love them all in the same breath. LOVE how light weight and flexible they are.  Really, any shoe that can do this...

They have such a nice cush; it feels like gel on the inside.  But when I started running, I realized that I was missing a key element.  Support.  My feet wanted to slide to the side as I ran.  The roads have a slant to them and I don't run on even ground often times.  It wasn't too bad.  They made my run fun and I'm eager to see how they treat my feet over the next few months.

Today was a good day.  I skipped Body Pump, boo.  But I just didn't want to go.  Being honest.  That's important, right?  So, instead of running only 2 miles, I ran 4 and that in 30 min.  I really, really ran today.  Hard.  Huffing and puffing up and down these hills and feeling out of shape.  Mentally kicking myself for letting my weekly mileage spiral downward.  Blah.  But my new cats, I tell ya, them wily suckers are going to give me a pep in my step.

Cheers!  Silent cheerleaders, anything new?  Signed up for any races?  Looking for a new challenge?  Do share.

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