Monday, May 23, 2011

Running: No slacker.

I didn't slack while I was on vacay.
I ran.  I Body Pumped.  I ran.  I yoga-ed.  
So proud of myself.  Before I left, I contacted my gym and made sure that I could commute my membership to Cali.  It worked!  My schedule was slam packed but I managed to work out five or so times while I was out there.  Their Body Pump class was being taught by a training instructor and it made me want to train for it.  She didn't pile on the weights.  She did what she could and she did it well.  And the yoga class was a long time coming.  As you all know my yoga class out here was cancelled and it really bummed me out.  I was so sore after the hour, but it was a good sore.  My muscles really, really needed to be worked over.  I stretch regularly but doing yoga takes your stretching and core exercises to the next level.
Well, now I'm back and ready to get in the groove again, weather permitting I will be out grunting up and down these hills tomorrow and seriously considering training to be a yoga instructor at the gym...yes, I want to train to do that, too.

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