Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sewing: PUnk MonKey Perry

Didn't I just make one of these?

I honestly don't think I'll ever tire from making these guys, because they're SO cute!!

It's Perry.  And he's for a little boy who has not yet seen this earth.  He's still in the tummy baking up nice and good.  He'll be the perfect pal though.

Say hello and goodbye to these two.  They are on their way to their new homes.


  1. Girl these are too stinking cute. You should make them and sell them. You did a great job on them. Did you make up the pattern or follow one? Either way you did great.

  2. THank you! I followed a pattern for the body but I made up the bowtie and pocket aspect...just to give a little twist :)) I do sell them! So, if you know of anyone who wants a cute little pal, please, send them on over. I sell them for $20-$25.


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