Saturday, October 30, 2010

Runner's Block

I think today was one of my worst runs, yet.  Why, at every hill, was I wanting to just "give up"?  I was miserable with my thoughts.  My brain was nagging, telling me that it was just "too hard".  It took everything to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I didn't stop, I didn't walk, I couldn't.  Stopping, or walking, would have been defeat.  I don't want to slide down that's so hard to get back up.  I figure that if I can just push myself through these sloggish periods in my running experience, then I am on my way to doing "more than I thought I could".  Make sense?  Right now, I'm at a standstill in my running progress. I have only been able to run 6.5 miles due to time constraints.  Husband gets home from school, dinner is on the table, I dash off to run...making sure that I'm not gone too long because he needs to do homework, the sun is setting and there are no street lamps out here.  Fooey.  

So, how am I ever going to run a marathon if I can't even bust the 7 mile mark??  I'm getting discouraged...I won't stop, though.  Running has sort of grown on me...

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