Thursday, October 7, 2010

My own shirt

This is first shirt I've ever made for myself.  It was a lot of fun.  Frustrating but fun.  I managed to find the most amazing little sewing book via Dana, who inspired me to start this fun journey of sewing.  It's called Sew U Home Stretch.  If you're a beginner sewer, get it!  I made sure to read all of the introductory chapters.  She shows you how to cut your fabric (working with knits, jersey and such like), care for your fabric, gives you tips on how to get the most from your fabric.  And in the very back she gives you patterns!  You can create your own dresses, shirts, skirts, sweaters, hoodies...It's just plain awesome.  

So, here I am.  Slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a towel flaws but happy I kept going until I finished my project.

This was one of the shirt patterns she offered.  Now, my sleeves turned out a little more "bell-ish" than I had wanted, but the pattern called for and extra 11in, I had to measure it out and make sure I didn't botch the length too badly.  Length not botched but the width was.

I found the fabric on my new fav fabric site, since I don't have any material stores close by it's mostly internet shopping for me, and I just fell in love with the little bubbles on this material.  And after this shirt, I have officially decided to buy a double needle so I can top stitch my next shirt or dress or sweater...or whatever.

So much easier than having to line up my second stitch with my first without getting all crazy.  Ya think?

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