Saturday, October 16, 2010

I was only .2 short

It could have been six miles.  I could have run six tonight.  But it didn't happen, because the route I picked was just shy those last two tenths.  And my god, this run was a bear.  I had been gearing up for it all week long.  I was excited.  Focused.  Determined.This was to be my first attempt at running into town from our place. 
But when I started my run my shoes were too tight.  My legs were so stiff.  
I waited a little over two miles before I decided to stop and re-tie, hoping maybe they would loosen themselves.  But no.  Then, I figured that if I got my shoes straightened out the rest of my run would pan out.  My legs have never felt so much like lead in my whole life.  I was trudging through my run.  My mind was fuzzy and unfocused and I felt so disappointed in myself.   There was a mile where I went into my "run zone".  I totally go blank in the head and sort of forget that I'm running.  But most of the way I was arguing with myself.  Can't really remember what about, but I was.  There were a few tough spots that I had to talk myself through.  "You can make this hill, don't stop, don't stop."  Yeah, I'm a little nuts like that.
But I ran it.  I finished.  I conquered a hill that I have been so afraid to run.  I made good time.  I felt great after the run and my body was telling me that I could have kept going.

 In spite of everything, I promised myself that just because this run was so different and mentally challenging it wouldn't stop me from making another go at my run into town.  These are the runs that make you better.  If you can slog through them, and overcome your mind, you can make it to your goal mileage.  And my goal mileage is 26.2.

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