Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Running: Catch the skirt

Ran a 5k yesterday.  Felt like a million bucks.  There were well over 500 racers participating.  The biggest race I've run in, yet.

I was shoved toward the back, nestled in with a good friend named Crystal.  

Like always, my stomach was in knots, trying to tell me that it didn't want to run.  "It's just another run, it's just another run".  My mantra.  As soon as the race started, I began edging through the crowd trying to find my "pace group".  A little difficult.   Finally, I pulled out and started getting a groove.  I determined that I was going to really push myself.  After all, it is only a 3 mile race.  My first 5k, I came in at a little over 26 minutes.  For this race I had already talked myself into a challenge.  BEAT YOUR LAST RACE TIME.  I did.

Official race time: 
 25 min :27 sec 158th out of 500-something runners and 5th in my age/gender group.

When I first signed up for this race, word on the street was "watch out for the killer hill".  A half mile long and totally unforgiving.  I met that hill with open arms, just like I do every hill.  
And even with "the hill", I managed to keep a fabulous per mile pace of roughly: 8min 15sec
I can live with that.

What I'm starting to enjoy more and more about these races is the fact that there are people of all shapes and sizes

builds and stature

And a lot of people with their own stories.  There was a man running who had gone blind from a hunting accident.  They acknowledged him and the team of people he would be running with.  It was very moving.  There is so much inspiration to be found in every race.  Love it.

I finished my race strong, running so hard, a smile on my face and fist pumping myself, knowing I had beat my own PR (personal record).

But what made me even more happy was a random racer congratulating me on a "great race".  I thanked him and he followed up his congratulations with, "you were fast, I couldn't catch the skirt."  I laughed and laughed.  Such a cool comment and totally made my day.  I run in a skirt.  Yes, yes, I do.

Silent Cheerleaders.  Catch The Skirt!


  1. Yes. A skirt is not "normal" attire for a run. So, that is definitely a cute and funny comment! I once could not catch an 80 year old WALKER with bright orange shoes. LOL! He was fast! Good job on the race! I miss running. Maybe I will try again. My endurance and stamina need a lot of work. And, it is just way too hot here.

  2. Very inspiring.. I think I will stick to 5k races for a while.. IN THE WINTER. ATL, GA is TOOOOOO HOT for summer races.

  3. Thank you both!

    Terry: Yes, I'm the odd ball. hahah. But it's fun. I hope you do get back into it. I know how much you LOVE it *wink* And I totally remember your story about the "fast walker" that walked past you. hehe

    Jana: Yes, I've heard how hot it is and that makes running so difficult. Thankfully, the weather was fabulous yesterday. It heated up later on though.

  4. Great job on a new PR!

    I love running in a skirt ~ it really blows people away when you run right on past them! It works on the bike, too ;)


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