Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Running: Seems like this will never end

You know that feeling when you're doing stuff and more stuff and getting stuff done, but you don't feel like you're REALLY getting anything done?  Yeah, that's me and running right now.  I've been running, when I can.  Four measly miles last week.  Three miles so far, this's just been hard!  My husband is in school, my brother is visiting from Cali and my leg hurts.  Erg. 

All of the other things can be explained away, but my leg is really starting to bother me.  I think it's the muscle.  Not sure why it hurts and wondering why the pain isn't going away.  Was sort of hoping it would, as I haven't been working it all THAT hard...
If it doesn't straighten up soon, I'm going to try and find a solution.

Until then...I have a 10k scheduled in two weeks.  SUPER excited about it.  And now, I'm on the hunt for a half-marathon.  Getting closer to my marathon goal.  The other day while I was running, my mind flashed back on the documentary Spirit of the Marathon and it made me smile...anyone can run a marathon, anyone, including me.  It doesn't matter how fast I go, or how slow, it only matters that I don't stop and I cross that finish line standing up, arms held high...and I totally know I'm going to cry.  Whatever.  Don't laugh.  Running is an emotional thing...just as much as it is a mental thing.

Silent cheerleaders, there is much to be said for clicking on those little buttons below...namely, the "keep running it out".  I'm still hanging in here!  Keeping the dream alive.

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  1. Keep on keepin' on, Misha!! My 10K is waiting for me on July 4...


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