Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running: Redemption

There are so many ups and downs with running that it can mess with your head.  One day you're up and the next you're wondering if you're really insane and if all this running is worth the effort.  Saturday was one of those days.  I had geared myself up, mentally, all week for another eight mile run.  Strapped my shoes on and hit the pavement determined.  I made it to the halfway point and nearly died because it was so hot and I didn't have any water.  Luckily, my halfway point is a small church and there happened to be someone there. 
And this, my friends is where my run turned horrible.  I drank a little too much.  A half mile in, on the way back, my stomach started feeling weird.  My legs were already giving me problems, felt like I was dragging two wooden blocks, and slowly I started to fall apart.  I nearly passed out after a mile but I wouldn't stop...finally after 6.5 miles I stopped running.  I couldn't take another running step.  My hands were bloating and stiff.  
I walked up and down the hills feeling nauseous and beating myself up.  There is nothing like falling short of a goal.  A very familiar goal.  As I got closer to my house I ran up the last heartbreak hill, about .75 of a mile, and pounded it out to our driveway.  My husband was just getting in our van.  I had been gone so long he was setting out to find me.  That should give you an idea how bad my run was.

So, Monday rolls around, my legs were still feeling gross, even after a good stretching.  But I set out looking to do three to five miles.  I did 3, barely making it back.  It was so discouraging.
my baby girl helping me with my yoga moves!

But here is where my day took a turn upward.  After my run, during my stretch routine, I used a nifty little tool my sister introduced me to.  Please welcome my latest piece of workout equipment.  The foam roller.

Photo Courtesy of HERE
Talk about an insane difference in the way my legs felt after rolling them out.  No more tightness or pain.  Using the roller was quite painful, but the results were worth it.  Later that evening I went to Body Pump feeling like a brand new person.  So much so that I tacked on 5lbs to my squat weight bringing it up to 35lbs.  Finished the workout, roughly 200 squats, and felt like a champ.  My legs felt amazing and my spirits were lifted. 
Then, to top my night off, I signed up for another 5k.  Yeah, I'm just crazy.


  1. Oh foam rollers I have such a love hate relationship with these things after ALC. They help so much but the pain is just excruciating while your doing it. You should have seen some of the faces I made, I swear I'm actually going to get pictures up this weekend.


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