Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running: Elasticity

Last night was another grueling, yet rewarding workout.  The weights on my bar were heavy and taunting me.  My muscles were screaming during the whole workout and I was seriously sweating like a pig.  Sort of embarrassing because I seriously could have filled a small cup with what poured from my neck.  It didn't help that the humidity was high and I had just finished a 3.5 mile run ten minutes before.

Knowing my race is Saturday made me dig deeper and grunt a lot.  Poor, sweaty me...not really too concerned what other people were thinking but getting the best workout.  My legs feel amazing this morning.  They are sore, but not nearly as sore as Tuesday.  I knew that yesterday's workout would cut through my soreness with a sort of balm that heals.  Weird but true.
But what really made my workout enjoyable was my leg.  That pesky little leg of mine gave up its secret.  It needed to be stretched.  So, I stretched that sucker good and it stopped acting up!  How did I not stretch well enough that my muscle ended up in sort of a knot right below my glute.  Quite painful.

I started looking for my next race...a half-marathon.  Really concerned that I won't be able to put in the mileage needed but determined to make it work.  The half is in August...plenty of time.  Focus, focus.
Be on the look out for photos and a post on my 10k!

Silent cheerleaders, well wishes desired!

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