Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ring around the rosies...

Had to make another raglan.  I'm in love with this Kwik-Sew pattern.  Can't get enough.  So, I set to work on yet another shirt.
34 little circles.  20 grey and 14 purple.

I fiddled and fiddled.  I arranged and re-arranged.  Finally, I came up with a semi-satisfactory design.  I edited and didn't use all of the circles, because it ended up being a little too much.  But here she is!

This shirt was easy and hard all in the same breath.  It was easy to make the shirt itself but the rosette design placement was a bit harder than I thought!  It seems so easy when you look at the cute shirts in the store but a lot goes into making it look good.  I had a bit of a time with the petals, they kept drooping and looking a little sad so I had to find a way to sew it all together to give it a little lift.  In the end, it turned out cute.   There was the incident with my sewing machine.  For some reason, it kept wanting to eat my material thus the little thread pockets on the front, blech.

But three cheers for a good try!

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