Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All smiles...

Because this family was SO cute!  My first shoot in a long time and it felt like I drank four Rockstars.  I was all over the place and loving every minute of it.
This couple was so cute and so full of personality. 

They pretended to be reserved but they were game for just about anything.  I love that.

Their girls were little bursts of sunshine.  Especially, E, the oldest, what a firecracker.  Striped socks and converse.  Love it.
And her little sister, M, was the coma in all of E's run-on sentences.  So sweet with big blue eyes like shiny marbles.

Thank you S Family for giving me my fire back.  My camera was lovin' you guys tonight.  Totally and completely.

The End


  1. Great shots! And I have to totally agree about the cuteness factor of this sweet little family. The fact that those girls are my granddaughters has nothing at all to do with it. :)

  2. WEll, Jan, the creativity that your sweet family brought to the shoot just came through brilliantly! You have a warm and real family. Very hard to come by these days. You are blessed.


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