Monday, July 26, 2010


A passion of mine is photography.  While we lived in CA, I had my own small business and then I hired on as an apprentice to a well known, local, wedding photographer.  I got great experience there.  Loved it.  Hard work, but it was very rewarding.  

Since we moved here, I haven't really done anything with myself and photography.  I did a couple of shoots and they turned out great!  But it didn't do anything for my hopes of starting my business again.  So, I figured that I should just whip out my camera, use the best models around, my children, and start building my portfolio again.  I can do this, right?

If my son were a model...boy would be be a good one.  He set himself up on this swing and let me have it!

And then we decided that making shadows would be fun!  And fun it was.

Thinking about shooting for the stars on this I come sleepy little town of Burg!

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