Monday, July 12, 2010

It's a start!

Crafting has always lurked beneath the surface of my imagination.  I'm sort of afraid of it, to be honest.  There is so much involved and it takes a lot of time to really make your ideas work.  But, then I found the trick.  Do what you're good at!  I recently started sewing and doing other small crafts.  I'm not an expert seamstress BUT I have perfected a couple of items.  Pretty soon I'll work on a couple more...
Either way, it brings me a lot of satisfaction to make these things and to share them with others.  I hope you enjoy!

My first project was a skirt.  It's very simple but I like it!   I named it, too.  Frilla.  The Frilla Skirt.

I started to add different color fabrics to give it a twist.

Then I thought maybe stripes would be cute...

Then I decided the possibilities were endless and I got tickled pink.  You should see my sewing room...


  1. Great photos, great skirt, great headbands, great everything! You should post tutorials as well!

  2. I agree! And, yes you should create an etsy shop!


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