Monday, August 15, 2011

Running: Update~ Sewing: Update

I haven't written on this blog in so long.  But let me give you a quick overview.

Since my etsy shop, I have been really, really busy sewing.  I haven't made many sales through etsy itself, but word of mouth.  Etsy has really helped though!  I am sewing a new Punk Monkey almost everyday and it consumes a lot of my time.  It takes me two days to sew one monkey...sometimes three.  And that, only because I have children and I can not sit down and speed through the process.

My running:  SO discouraged.  I haven't stopped.  I run every week, but my shoes and schedule have put the skids on me.  My shoes are giving me fits.  I busted on of the shoe lace holder-contraptions on my new Pumas, putting those out of commission.  So, I returned to my old faithfuls and those started giving me shin splints.  NO bueno.  But, I did order a new pair of shoes and....well, I will post on that when they come in.  I also, FINALLY, got my Garmin Forerunner!!  I am so, so excited to share with you all my experience with it.

So, that is it, for now.  Sorry for lack of posting.  I really need to get on the ball.  I do have another race scheduled, so I'm not down and completely out!


  1. I LOVE my Garmin!! It will also help you keep track of how many miles you have on a pair of shoes so you know when to replace them.


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